Vertikale Diepvriesvitrine 3 deuren 1300 liters

3-deurs diepvrieskast 1300 liter

The vertikale diepvriesvitrine 3 deuren 1300 liters is ideal for storing your frozen food while exhibiting it in the sight of your customers. It has 3 glass doors hinged to facilitate the opening of it.

Its large size allows it to install a maximum of 15 storage racks inside this professional showcase cabinet.


  • Hoogte : 2030 mm
  • Breedte : 1600 mm
  • Diepte : 720 mm
  • Gewicht : 258 kg
  • Capacité : 1300 L
  • Aantal deuren : 3 deuren

Vertikale diepvriesvitrine 3 deuren 1300 liters

Indispensable in many shops to keep frozen food, the vertikale diepvriesvitrine 3 deuren 1300 liters is perfect for you to freeze your food and expose it to your customers. The diepvries vitrine is a significant asset for the presentation of your products.

It is quick and easy to access the products stored inside this freezer thanks to its 3 hinged glass doors that are very easy to open. In this way, your customers can easily have to hand your different products and choose what suits them best very quickly.

Thanks to its large size and capacity of 1300 liters , this freezer vertical showcase is perfect to settle in the refrigeration part of your business or to serve as showcase for exhibitions and other events. It is able to have 15 shelves in its interior which allows you to put your food on grids.

To help your customers choose their products, this freezer is equipped with LED interior lighting . In this way, the identification of your products is done quickly and it is easier to distinguish and read the different characteristics of food.

Keep your frozen products with this professional glass freezer.

Capable of descending to a temperature range of -24 ° C to -16 ° C , this freezer is perfect for preserving your frozen products while keeping their flavor and taste.To ensure that this temperature is well respected throughout the freezer, it has an electronic heat regulator that allows you to adjust the temperature according to the food you put in it.

To successfully maintain such a temperature range on all floors of the freezer , the latter is equipped with a ventilated cooling which allows a ventilation of cold in the same way everywhere and gives a homogeneous heat to all this freezer . In order to help you check if the heat is what you want in this freezer, it is equipped with a thermometer that allows you to keep an eye on the heat of your food.

Although you should not have a frost problem with this cooling fan technique, an automatic defrost is provided in this freezer . Automatic, it is not necessary to check if frost this form on the inside walls of your professional glass cabinet freezer.

Equipped with 6 wheels , it is easy to move your freezer if you want to change the layout of your different equipment in your business.

Depending on your establishment, it is not necessary for you to have a freezer showcase of 3 doors, in this case it is possible for you to turn to the vitrine diepvriezer met 2 glazen klapbare deuren 930 liter which can be very useful if you have a smaller storage space.

It is never easy to choose from the multitude of choices available to you, if you have questions or needs more information do not hesitate to contact the team of Ice-Shop will be a pleasure to help you.

Vertical showcase freezer 3 doors

Model: UFSC1600 Climate class: 4 Indoor lighting: Led Bright top : Led Cooling type : ventilated Doors : 3 hinged glass doors Feet / castors : 6 wheels and 6 adjustable feet Grids : 15 shelves Temperature : -24 ° C to -16 ° C Gross volume : 13290 L Net volume : 1233 L Outside dimension : 1600x720x2030 mm Internal dimension : 1492x585x1518 mm Packaging dimension : 1660x795x2070 mm Exterior color : White Interior color : White No lock Voltage : 220-240 V / 50 Hz Power : 1970 W Consumption : 21.7 kw / 24h Gross weight : 258 kg Net weight : 272 kg Sound power : 53dB Defrost : automatic Thermostat / regulator : electronic Thermometer : Yes Refrigerant : R290 Charge, g : 260


  • Hoogte : 2030 mm
  • Breedte : 1600 mm
  • Diepte : 720 mm
  • Gewicht : 258 kg
  • Capacité : 1300 L
  • Aantal deuren : 3 deuren


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